main trading collecting keeping mastered logs pending

cutie keeps

diamond life!!!

when in doubt. seventeen.

these are seventeen cards that i've already collected/mastered but still accepting!

keeping - first priority

these are eras i'm working on currently - offer me these first!

keeping - second priority

these will eventually be added to first priority when that section is a little smaller. i'll trade these for collecting, first priority, and seventeen only

always collecting/keeping

i'll always accept these decks if you're unsure what to give me but these are also up for trade if you need them!

keeping - mv

i probably won't re-collect mv decks, so please don't offer me doubles here.

these are second priority mv cards that i'll start working on for eras once the eras go from my second priority to first!


these are cards for mini masteries. ignore this.

lindsay is hosted by caitlin and let's trade cards.
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